Ukraine Update 14 March, 2022 (Evening, brief post)

  • Negotiations between Ukrainian and Russian officials was cut short on Monday due to a ‘technical pause.’ These talks, the fourth round since fighting began in February, were being conducted via video link. They are expected to resume on Tuesday.
  • According to US officials, China is expressing some openness to giving Russia the financial and military aid it has requested. It is not certain whether or not China has made a final decision about providing assistance. The partnership between China and Russia has caused increased concern in the West and is proving to be a major roadblock in isolating Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.
  • Russian claims that Ukraine is preparing to use chemical weapons have continued despite no solid proof being provided by the Russian government. There’s growing concern in Western circles that the empty claims are part of a Russian plan to stage the ‘discovery’ of Ukrainian chemical agents and use the incident to its advantage politically and militarily.

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