Ukraine Update 14 March, 2022 (AM)

Good Morning. Just a brief update on a handful of events taking shape in or around Ukraine this morning. This afternoon or evening, I plan to post a second update for the day. Either then or tomorrow, I’ll talk a little about some other areas around the world where things are also happening such as the Middle East and Northeast Pacific.

  • Ukraine and Russia began a new round of negotiations today, despite the continued heavy Russian shelling of Kiev and growing casualties. According to Ukrainian government sources, these will be “hard” talks aimed at establishing a ceasefire to be followed by a withdrawal of troops and security guarantees with Russia.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was supposed to address the Council of Europe today, but has stepped away from the commitment due to ‘urgent matters in Ukraine.’ The Ukrainian prime minister will speak instead.
  • The US is quietly warning China it will face consequences should Beijing decide to provide Russia assistance. Yesterday, numerous media outlets reported that Russia has requested military equipment in the past days. As US and Chinese officials meet in Rome, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said the US had “been spreading disinformation targeting China on the Ukraine issue, with malicious intentions.”

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