Looking Ahead to the Post-Pandemic World


Right now the world’s focus is centered on the COVID-19 pandemic. Media coverage is virtually 24/7 at this point and that does not appear likely to change in the near future. Coverage is also directed at how the pandemic is affecting a media organization’s home city, region, and nation. Pandemic coverage is largely ignoring international events except for reporting the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in nations around the world. The pandemic dominates global attention at the moment, and rightfully so. What is not being discussed at length right now is what the world might look like down the line when life finally returns to normal.

Despite the fact it has received little press coverage, how this pandemic is going to bring about some unpleasant, and surprising consequences for a number of supra-national bodies, relationships between certain countries, and the overall geopolitical realm. This is most evident in Europe at the moment where the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been two steps behind that of many of its member-states. Even more critical is the aftereffect the lack of EU leadership could have on Europe when all is said and done. Along with this, the pandemic is straining many relationships between European nations, especially in regard to the aid and responses to the pandemic’s explosion in Spain and Italy. Then there is China, and the Middle East where the pandemic is having a direct effect on energy production.

It is safe to assume the geopolitical order could be reshaped entirely by COVID-19.

These are topics we’re going to examine in the coming week and beyond as the Post-pandemic world starts to take shape and come into focus.


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