Hungary’s Parliament Gives Orban Absolute Power


Today in Budapest the National Assembly, which is Hungary’s parliamentary body, approved the government’s request for the power to rule by decree for an indefinite period of time. The new legislation gives extraordinary powers to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, effectively placing him in sole command of Hungary with absolutely no oversight. The move was made to give the government all of the necessary tools to effectively combat COVID-19. Many nations across Europe and other parts of the world have allowed their governments to assume emergency powers in the pandemic, but none have taken a step as drastic as Hungary has. The National Assembly has essentially handed Orban the keys to the kingdom without any assurances he will give them back when the pandemic comes to an end.

The new legislation extends the present state of emergency now in effect. It lays the foundation for jail terms of up to five years on individuals, and organizations hindering measures to curb the spread of the virus or spreading false information that could upset people or hinder the fight against the virus. Human Rights groups, and opposition parties inside Hungary fear Orban will use this to neutralize domestic journalists and media outlets opposing the Orban government.

The legislation also gives Orban the power to bypass parliament when making decisions, eliminating the body’s ability to act as a check on possible abuses of power Orban. The Constitutional Court will retain the power to review government actions, however, the court is filled with justices loyal to Orban, so its ability to provide objective oversight is questionable.

Even though Orban and his allies have promised the emergency measures are temporary and will pose no threat to democracy in Hungary, his opponents inside of the country, and across Europe aren’t so sure. The European Union has not responded to events in Hungary today, and given the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, it could be some time before that happens.

On a final note, what has taken place in Hungary is a textbook example of what was discussed in the previous blog post. Actions taken during the pandemic will certainly produce far reaching consequences once things return to normal, whether leaders, and citizens realize it or not.

One thought on “Hungary’s Parliament Gives Orban Absolute Power

  1. You’re going to witness the rise of the ‘Corona dictators’.
    Hungary being the first… Slovakia, Phillipines, Thailand…
    Not even looked into Africa!
    And it’s not the Coronavirus, it’s the economic downturn many of these nations now face that will cement these people into power.

    “If people think humanity is going to come out of this to a better, more loving and caring world… THEY ARE SURELY MISTAKEN. What you’re going to witness, what’s already happening, is the rise of the ‘Corona dictatorships’… All over the world, the rise of dictatorships, totalitarianism, fascism, and brutal police states.
    Europe now has a new dictatorship! We had one left in the form of Belarus, but now we can officially add Hungary to the list. It now meets all the criteria to be labelled a dictatorship!
    And with a collapse global economy, Africa economically demolished… Best beleive you are going to witness genocide soon enough!

    MAKIA FREEMAN writes – Because of Coronavirus

    Because of Coronavirus: Hungary Gets a Dictator.

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban effectively oversaw the transition of his country from a democracy to a dictatorship.

    On March 30th 2020, the Hungarian Parliament bestowed upon Orban the right to rule by decree and to suspend existing laws.

    Hungary suspended future elections!

    This makes Orban the world’s newest dictator. – All over a tiny, invisible virus that still has not killed more people than a seasonal flu, even taking into consideration the manipulated numbers.

    Because of Coronavirus: Philippines’ President Duterte orders cops and soldiers to shoot Quarantine Violators if need be.

    The New York Times wrote that ““This limitless grant of emergency powers is tantamount to autocracy.”

    MAKIA FREEMAN writes – Because of Coronavirus

    “The Govenment of Slovenia has set up the the Crisis Headquarters of the Republic of Slovenia led by the rather corrupt Slovenian PM Janez Jansa.”

    The Australian ABC reports:

    “Within hours, Mr Jansa’s Crisis Headquarters dismissed the heads of the defence force, the military intelligence agency and the national police …”

    MAKIA FREEMAN writes – Because of Coronavirus

    “In Poland, the Opposition is banned from holding rallies.

    “In Bulgaria, the Parliament granted new powers to the Government to use mobile phone data to track the populace … It has also set up checkpoints around Roma communities.

    “Last Wednesday, Kosovo’s prime minister was deposed after President Hashim Thaci, a former militiaman once accused of war crimes, attempted to shift all executive power to an emergency security council which he heads.”

    MAKIA FREEMAN writes – Because of Coronavirus

    “After declaring a state of emergency of March 24th 2020, Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha assumed the authority to impose curfews and censor the news media.

    “On March 25th, Chan-ocha issued a list of prohibitions (original in Thai here), including vague and broad restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of the press.”


    MAKIA FREEMAN writes – Because of Coronavirus

    “Norway’s ruling party has been granted emergency powers to rule without needing to consult parliament. In fact, parliament has been suspended for at least one month; the executive branch of the government can now change laws without consulting parliament.”

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