Weekend Update: POMCUS Site In Poland Closer To Becoming Reality


The notion of positioning of US heavy equipment in Poland appears to be moving forward and gaining momentum. On Sunday,  Poland affirmed that it is in talks with the United States regarding the possible storage of US heavy weapons in Poland. The discussions are part of wider negotiations between Washington with its Eastern European allies concerning an increase in the US military presence in their countries.  The New York Times broke the story earlier in the weekend and since then, a number of news agencies around the world have been reporting the news.

The concept of creating prepositioned storage sites for a US armored brigade in Poland has been discussed and explored in recent months by defense analysts. It has even been mentioned a number of times on this blog. For what it is worth, I am a firm supporter of the idea. It is practical, cost effective and gives NATO ground forces a significant advantage in a potential conflict in Eastern Europe.

The timing of this development dovetails perfectly with the Defending Poland series. I will elaborate more on pre-positioned material and possible POMCUS sites in Poland this week.

One thought on “Weekend Update: POMCUS Site In Poland Closer To Becoming Reality

  1. This is going to make Russia feel much more threatened and brings us one step closer to a full scale war with Russia. This is exactly the sort of thing I have been trying to warn people about for nearly 20 years, but you won’t learn till half of Europe is in the same mess as you’ve inflicted on the Middle East. You better start thinking about the possibility that all your policies and actions since the end of the Cold War have just looked aggressive, militaristic, expansionist and threatening to Russia and start using some realpolitik, instead of self-serving hypocrisy.

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