Sunday Update: Ukraine Position Worsening

*Between professional commitments and March Madness, the last two weeks have been busy. I will resume daily updates on what’s happening in the Ukraine on Monday 24 March, 2014. For now, here is a short update blurb*


Let’s be honest. President Obama and European leaders have not responded effectively or decisively to Russia’s territorial and political encroachments in Crimea. For that matter, neither has the Ukraine’s fledgling new government.  Kiev has adopted a strategy of simply laying there and taking it, essentially, while Russia runs roughshod in Crimea. Ukrainian military bases are being overrun by pro-Russian and/or Russian forces. Ukrainian military officers are being taken into custody and the Ukrainian forces have not fired a single shot in defense of themselves.

Russian armor massing on the Ukrainian border. The crisis is entering a more dangerous phase.

Russian armor massing on the Ukrainian border. The crisis is entering a more dangerous phase.

With that in mind, why should Russia throttle back at this point?  Neither the US or Europe have done anything effective to make Putin reconsider his actions.  Men like Vladimir Putin understand strength more than anything else.

In all fairness, there was little the West could do to prevent what happened in Crimea. Political, geographic, military and diplomatic realities were lined up in Russia’s favor. Neither Europe or the United States had the teeth to influence the situation in a favorable manner.

With Crimea now completely detached from the Ukraine, Russia can begin looking towards the eastern provinces of the Ukraine and next phase of the partition of the Ukraine. Tomorrow, I will discuss this.

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