Short Brief: Dangerous Days Ahead For The Ukraine

A busy Saturday for me so I will make this post short and expound on the subject on Monday.

Will the Russian Bear be moving west soon?

Will the Russian Bear be moving west soon?

As the hours pass by, Viktor Yanukovich’s hold on power in the Ukraine becomes more and more tenuous. Events in the Ukraine are happening at an astounding pace with Western media outlets and diplomats straining to keep up.

Yanukovich has fled Kiev for the eastern Ukraine where he has a high level of support from the citizens. Parliament has stripped him of his title and powers, declaring him incapable of carrying out his constitutional duties. The next Ukrainian leader is going to be, undoubtedly, pro-West. Yanukovich claims the actions by parliament are illegal and calls his ouster a coup. The saga is far from over.  The Ukraine still teeters on the edge of a possible civil war.

At the moment, the most pressing concern for pro-Western Ukrainians should be Moscow’s coming response to the events in Kiev. For over a decade now, Vladimir Putin has been trying to bring the Ukraine back into alignment with Russia. The Winter Olympics in Sochi are coming to a close and that will give Putin more leeway to respond.

Will Russia continue to back Yanukovich? If so, how?

In my eyes, the possibility of Russian intervention exists in this crisis. As time goes on and Yanukovich continues to lose more support, the chances increase.  The pro-Western politicians may have control in Kiev, however, the dangers have not subsided.

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