A Very Brief Look At The Eastern Mediterranenan


This is break week and I’ve been relaxing as much as possible. Add to that the facts that the NCAA tournament began yesterday, and I accidentally deleted my planned post for yesterday. This post will be a short one. I’ll follow it up with a more detailed entries over the weekend and beyond. A naval themed piece on Sunday and Cyprus on Monday.

For now let’s take a brief look at the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Cyprus situation has caught me by surprise. I’ll admit it. I was looking the other way. My attention has primarily been on North Korea and Syria lately. The possibility of yet another Eurozone member in financial crisis didn’t even cross my mind. Yet, here we are. The Cyrpus crisis is interesting for many reasons, however, the potential instability it could bring to the Eastern Med is the one that has caught my eye. More on that Sunday.

In Syria, Assad is still in power but his strength is weakening significantly. His removal from power is essentially a foregone conclusion at this point. What’s yet to be determined is how messy his departure will be and what type of government replaces the Assad regime. The Syrian National Coalition is suffering from political infighting. Liberal minority members have accused the Muslim Brotherhood of assuming control. With the election of Ghassan Hitto, who was backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, Western support for the creation of an opposition government is going to be cool.

There are other potential flashpoints across the globe right now. But for the next six hours let’s all try to relax and focus on how our brackets are progressing. Back to the foreign policy issues tomorrow.

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