One comment on “Iranian Nuclear Crisis: The Countdown To The Military Option

  1. The west made little or no fuss about nuclear proliferation In India, Pakistan or Israel (They don’t have WMD do they?!). If you want to be frightened, be frightened of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. It’s a weak state that doesn’t have full control of its military, many of whom are connected with Islamist extremists. It was no surprise to me to find that Usama bin Laden was hidden away in the bosom of Pakistan’s top brass. The danger of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons going astray is a real and terrifying one.

    The truth is Iran is going to get attacked whatever they do. The reason for this is that the west, in alliance with Qatar and Saudi Arabia are out not just to neutralise Iran as a regional power, but to steal their massive oil and gas reserves. There’s nothing more to it than that. In a few years a country of 60 odd million people will have been destroyed like Libya, Iraq and Syria, and a few people will get very rich.

    Your leaders are corrupt, out of control and you can’t stop it, so it’s easier for you to brainwash yourself that you agree with all this drivel so can go on imagining that you are living in a democracy.

    To quote Tony Blair, in a typical piece of disingenuousness, “Iran cannot be allowed to introduce nuclear weapons into this sensitive region”. Right like we don’t know Israel did that decades ago with plenty of help from western governments.

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