Biden Says US Will Respond Militarily To A Chinese Attack On Taiwan

The media, analysts, talking heads and pundits have spent most of Monday breaking down Joe Biden’s comment that the United States will intervene militarily in the event China invades Taiwan. Some believe Biden misspoke, while others are of the opinion that the US president’s words were deliberate and contain message to Chinese leadership. The third group subscribes to the theory that Biden was the victim of another mental faux pas and his thoughts on a US response to a Chinese attack against Taiwan change with each passing week and should not be taken seriously.

For those of you who were unaware of what happened earlier today, at a press conference in Japan Biden hinted he would go further to help Taiwan then he has for Ukraine. A reporter asked him if this meant the US will intervene militarily in the event of a Chinese invasion of the island. Biden replied that it did and said so without expansion or clarification. At a time when tensions in the Western Pacific are on the rise, Biden’s words could end up being tantamount to flicking a lighter while sitting atop a powder keg.

The White House moved rapidly to remold Biden’s words, emphasizing that the president stated US policy is not changing.  In a statement handed out to reporters, the White House attempted to conduct damage control. “He reiterated our One China Policy and our commitment to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. He also reiterated our commitment under the Taiwan Relations Act to provide Taiwan with the military means to defend itself.”

The Pentagon chimed in soon after with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin sharing his two cents. “I think the president was clear on the fact that the policy has not changed.”

Given the present tensions between China and the United States, Biden’s comments will elicit a response from the Chinese government. Most likely in the coming hours. In the absence of a reaction, tomorrow’s entry will look at just what military steps the United States and her allies in the Western Pacific could take in the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan.

2 thoughts on “Biden Says US Will Respond Militarily To A Chinese Attack On Taiwan

  1. Are there any steps we can take, that don’t open the door to a large loss of troops, ships and aircraft? And if China were to move on Taiwan, I’d bet a easy 100 on NK not far behind. And Iran getting frisky in the Middle East. And Russia already in UKR. And here goes WWIII.
    I once read an article, not sure of its validity, but I remember it mentioned that weather wise, there are only 2 months of the year China could pull off a cross strait invasion. May and October.

    • I think that depends on how much warning time we have before hostilities start. The more time means more forces we can bring into the area. And we’ll need them too.
      I still want to discuss the military side of the equation more. Unfortunately, I’m getting hung up through the rest of the week. Hopefully come Monday I can spend a few hours writing up a fairly detailed post on potential US military options if China invades

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