On A Personal Note….


I sincerely enjoy writing this blog and that has remained true since my first post back in 2012. My workload in the current year has not allowed me the free time I need to produce quality, informative posts on a regular basis. For that, I apologize to my readers.

Having said that, I’m presently facing some medical issues. At the moment I’m preparing myself to take a medical leave of absence from my job, and in some ways from much of my personal life. I will, however, continue to post on the blog. The size of the entries may be a little shorter than they’ve been in the past. I generally try to keep an average of 300-320 words per entry. Over the past few weeks, as some people have noticed and mentioned to me in private messages, recent entries have been more along the lines of 200-230 words. To be honest, the medical condition I’m facing now is a neurological one, and it is temporarily causing some brain fatigue. In time this will go away.

In many ways this blog will be a therapy of sorts for me. Writing will help recondition my mind and help me get through the treatment that will be begin soon. There’s much happening around the world that I want to keep discussing it here.Ā  So, expect the entries to continue. Hopefully on a regular basis, but if not, please accept my sincere apologies now.



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