Quick Observation About Syria

The only thing missing from President Obama’s handling of the Syrian Crisis is Benny Hill theme music in the background. Since August 21st, Obama has highlighted the glaring deficiencies that exist in his foreign policy strategy. (Or lack thereof)  On Tuesday night he took his case to the American public and judging by the responses in the media this yesterday, it doesn’t appear that Americans are more eager for military involvement in Syria than they were yesterday. Congress seems to be even less inclined to back the White House on military action. On the international front, Obama’s efforts have been unable to forge another ‘Coalition of the Willing.’ Even Great Britain, the staunchest of friends, is unwilling to commit to military action against Syria. Two and a half weeks of indecisiveness on the part of Washington is creating a vacuum that Russia appears eager and willing to fill.


Note- Apologies for the very short post. Classes have begun here and I haven’t had the opportunity to wrap my head around the latest developments in Syria yet.

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