August Updates And News

Through August, this blog will be going through some renovations in order to make it more manageable and user friendly. Today’s DIRT is in need of some tender loving care, namely in the forms of aesthetic and organizational upgrades. As I try different formats and ideas some aspects of the blog will change. However, the content will remain much the same. I will not make any permanent changes until after Labor Day. One change I am initiating immediately is the inclusion of a monthly brief. It will include details on planned or upcoming articles. Updates will continue to be posted as events around the world occur, but the articles are going to be in depth pieces on a host of defense and IR topics.




Upcoming Articles For August


Ukraine: Casus Belli On The Horizon – Russian military intervention in the conflict seems more likely as the days pass. The pieces appear to be lining up across the board. As forces mass on the border, and the separatists suffer defeats at the hands of the Ukrainian military, Moscow is beginning to voice its concerns about the ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ building in the eastern Ukrainian provinces. The hardships being endured by the residents of Donetsk could give Russia with a justification for hostilities. An intervention under the pretext of a peacekeeping mission to alleviate the suffering of the people in Donetsk, for example, could provide Russia with a thick enough blanket of legitimacy for overt military intervention to begin.


US Defense Policies & Doctrine: New Threats Equal New Ideas – A resurgent Russia, Chinese territorial expansion and the emergence of ISIS come at a time when the Obama administration is trying to tighten the belt on defense spending. The Pentagon is in the process of formulating new doctrines and long term acquisition plans to sculpt a military that is prepared to meet an abundance of capable, aggressive potential enemies. New ideas are desperately needed. This article will examine what paths the Pentagon should explore in the coming months and years.


Europe’s New Defense Realities: A Second Look – The reemergence of the Russian Bear is forcing European nations to reexamine their shrinking defense budgets and outdated doctrines. In the face of an aggressive Russia, what role will NATO assume? The European nations willing to undergo the rearmaments that will be needed to contend with the potential threat forming in the east?