US Strategic Interests And Ukraine

Russia’s annexation of Luhansk, Donetsk and other occupied territories in Ukraine was announced by Vladimir Putin today. By all indications, Ukraine is nowhere near ready to honor these regions as sovereign Russian territory. Kiev will continue the fight to regain its lost territory. And Ukraine’s leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy will keep pushing ahead stubbornly despite the threats and damage being inflicted upon the economies of the West because the United States and Europe continue to encourage and enable him, despite the growing danger of escalation, and deepening economic downturn in Western nations. Meanwhile, the US is preparing to send another $12.3 BILLION in economic and military aid to Ukraine.

With hundreds of billions of dollars having gone to Ukraine since the start of the war, I’m beginning to wonder how and why Ukraine seems to be a vital interest for the United States. I’m aware of the way many people see it. “The Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom and survival. We have a moral obligation to help them and contain Russia.”

Yes and No.

Yes, we might have a moral obligation to assist Ukraine in this war. However, morality and foreign policy make for strange bedfellows. The US had a moral obligation to help the Jews escaping from Europe in the early days of World War II as well. But we did practically nothing to help them. Flash forward to 2022 and the US is shoveling boatloads of military and economic aid into Ukraine. So, what does the US have to show for it? Yes, Ukraine’s efforts have helped contain Russia, that is true. But given the likely condition of the Russian military at the end of this war, further expansion is improbable. Even if that weren’t the case, the US does not need Ukraine as a buffer between Europe and Russia.

I am sliding off point a bit and apologize. Yet I cannot shake the feeling that Ukraine has failed to prove it will play a role in US strategic interests’ post-conflict in order for the money and material sent Kiev’s way to be deemed a worthy effort. The relationship does not look to be mutually beneficial for both parties when all is said and done.

  Sometime next week I’d like to come back to this subject after giving it some thought and consideration over the weekend. We’ll discuss the annexation and security concerns in the Baltic over the weekend. Hope everyone is doing well.


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