Around the World Update 7 April, 2022: China-Solomon Islands Security Pact Causing Concerns

China’s controversial new security agreement with the Solomon Islands continues to generate uncertainty and concern around the South Pacific region and beyond. Australia and New Zealand have openly expressed their misgivings on the agreement. On the surface, the pact potentially places Chinese military forces on the doorstep of both nations. In the event of a crisis or open hostilities, the terms of the agreement can transform the Solomons into a Chinese military encampment.

Canberra sent two senior intelligence officials to the Solomons to discuss Australia’s concerns with Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, who stated that Australia remains his nation’s ‘partner of choice.’ There is still some confusion over whether or not the agreement has been signed by the Solomon Islands or just initialed by Sogavare, as he claims. In a statement released early Thursday, the Solomon Islands government said the meeting with Australian envoys has enabled both countries to understand the terms of the China agreement more thoroughly.

Sogavare continues to claim the agreement is “domestically focused.” Yet the draft document states that Chinese warships could stop in the Solomons for “logistical replenishment” and that China could send police, military personnel and other armed forces to the Solomons “to assist in maintaining social order.”

2 thoughts on “Around the World Update 7 April, 2022: China-Solomon Islands Security Pact Causing Concerns

  1. There is but one reason for Red China to have an interest in the Solomons, which is the same reason the Imperial Japanese Empire took an interest in the Solomons back in the day.

    If I were in Indonesia, Australia or New Zealand, I’d be very worried because Beijing doesn’t look like it’s going to stop at the nine-dash line.

    • They’re definitely not stopping at the nine-dash. Their long term goal is the Third Island Chain. Guam or bust

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