Ukraine Update 28 February, 2022 (Late Evening)

It’s getting late in the evening here in the Eastern United States and I wanted to address a couple hot topics before calling it a night.

-Attention is focused on the large convoy of Russian troops and equipment now converging on Kiev. Satellite images show the convoy is 40 miles long and stretching from Hostomel Airport outside Kiev north to Prybirsk. It is safe to say this convoy will bring a large amount of military power into the Kiev area. Perhaps enough to lay siege to the city. I’m not entirely convinced the Russians want to charge in with guns blazing if they’re not forced to. Therefore, another round of negotiations is possible before Vladimir Putin makes the final decision. So far, most of the battles we’ve seen around the Ukrainian capital have been small unit actions. Russian probes and Ukrainian ambushes.

– The Ukrainian government has formally requested a fast track to membership in the European Union. A number of EU member-states in Eastern Europe are supporting the request including Poland and Estonia. The question is, what can EU membership do for Ukraine at this late stage in the game. The Union is not a security alliance along the lines of NATO. It possesses no real military assets or command structure of its own save the EuroCorps. So, for the short-term direct military assistance is out of the question. The request could be purely symbolic and intended to raise morale inside of the Ukraine. A fast track EU membership for Ukraine would not be appreciated by Moscow since one of the main objectives of this war has been to distance Ukraine from Europe.

Alright, I’m tired and for once want to try and get a decent night’s sleep. 😊 Back tomorrow with more news from Ukraine.

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