Ukraine Update 25 February, 2022 (Evening)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is preparing his fellow countrymen for the coming defense of Kiev. Zelenskiy, in a video broadcast earlier today, laid out the situation. Russian forces continue advancing on Kiev and he expects the Russians to storm the capital city in the early morning hours. “This night will be very difficult, and the enemy will use all available forces to break the resistance of Ukrainians,” he said, later adding, “The fate of Ukraine is being decided right now.” The president intends to remain in Kiev and not evacuate. There’s no doubting his courage, but at this time it may be better for Ukraine’s leader to leave Kiev and travel west safety. The time might soon arrive when a government-in-exile must be formed. Zelenskiy is the most high-profile Ukrainian politician and he’ll carry considerable clout.

It is just after 3 AM in Kiev and explosions can now be heard in the distance. If a Russian ground attack does materialize, it will likely come before dawn and be supported by heavy amounts of artillery and air support. The Ukrainian Air Force has lost air superiority over the eastern half of the country, as mentioned earlier, so Kiev’s defenders will be forced to fight beneath a very hostile sky.

Author’s Note: I’ll try and get another update out as the situation develops closer to the morning in Kiev.

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