Ukraine Update 28 January, 2022: US Troops To Eastern Europe

President Biden confirmed in remarks to the media this afternoon that US troops will be deploying to Eastern Europe in the ‘near term.’ The purpose of the deployment is to deter Russia from launching an invasion of Ukraine or any NATO nations in Eastern Europe. Biden was light on details of the pending deployments such as confirming what units will be moving or when. Nor was the status of US forces presently stationed in Europe mentioned, even in today’s pentagon press briefing, which isn’t surprising. Operational matters are rarely discussed openly when a crisis is happening. The units going on higher states of alert for possible deployment are the usual lineup of rapid deployment suspects; 82nd Airborne Division, 101st Airborne Divisions and other elements of the XVIII Airborne Corps and the 4th Infantry Division (Mech) at Fort Carson, Colorado. The 4th’s parent command is III Corps, made up of heavy maneuver divisions.

3rd Brigade/82nd Airborne Division is likely to be the first unit to move. The 72 hour threshold the brigade required to pack up and be ready has passed. If it weren’t for the major nor’easter tracking up the east coast, the brigade might’ve been moving already. As it stand right now, Mother Nature has some say in the matter.

Author’s Note: Apologies for the very short update this evening. Spare time was at a premium today but I will make up for it tomorrow. For those readers in the Eastern US like myself, be safe this weekend with the storm approaching.—Mike

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