COVID 19 Update: Omicron Variant Arrives

The newest variant of the Coronavirus is taking much of the world by surprise. From its initial appearance to where it originated, world health experts and national governments appear to have been blindsided. Now, nations are scrambling to reestablish travel restrictions and set other measures in place to prevent the omicron variant from arriving inside their borders. With omicron having first appeared in South Africa, several nations are banning or restricting travel to and from southern Africa. Israel is going a step farther and closing its border completely to foreigners. Despite the surge in precautions and restrictions, the omicron variant is already cropping up in Europe. Most experts seem to feel it will only be a matter of time before the new variant reaches other parts of the globe.

On Friday, financial markets finished the day in negative territory, largely in response to omicron. Whether or not the slide continues this week will depend on how effective the travel restrictions are, as well as the number of cases worldwide and over time, how well the current crop of vaccines handles the new variant. The impact that omicron has on supply chain issues and other international concerns will also play a part in how global economies respond to the new variant.

As a side note, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. We’re officially in the Holiday Season now and Christmas is less than a month away. Where does the time go? 😊

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