Caribbean Crises Update 14 July, 2021

The United States is now faced with a pair of crises in the Caribbean that have cropped up within a week of each other. In Haiti, a chaotic situation in the aftermath of President Moise’s assassination is creating conditions the interim-government (legitimate or not) is not equipped to handle. A request has gone out to Washington DC and the United Nations for troops to safeguard the island’s infrastructure and keep the violent gangs in check. The US has not responded the way many observers and Haitians have expected. There’s a historical precedent of US military intervention on the island nation following the assassination or overthrow of a Haitian president. The presence of US troops has more often than not been the key to stabilizing the nation. Unfortunately, the flip side of that coin is that Haiti often returns to chaos following the withdrawal of foreign peacekeepers.

This time around, Washington is increasingly reluctant to send troops into Haiti, despite repeated requests by Haitian politicians. The nation is entering a non-interventionist periods, similar to the 1930s and 1970s, meaning that there’s little possibility of the US committing troops, even in our own backyard, unless our national interests are directly threatened. The Biden administration is sending in civilians from multiple US government agencies in the hopes that they can help stabilize Haiti before it is too far gone. Given how the situation on the ground in Haiti is resembling a power keg more and more with every passing day, there’s no reason to expect them to find success.

Author’s Note: My power is flickering so I’m going to end this prematurely tonight. There are heavy storms passing through. I’ll pick up on it again tomorrow afternoon. Apologies. –Mike

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