Haiti Requests US Troops (Part I)

A request by the interim Haitian government to the United Nations and United States to send troops to the island nation could place the Biden administration in a bind. The request from Port au Prince was made to help the government stabilize the situation on the ground and pave the way for elections in the aftermath of the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. The US is sending FBI officials to assist with the investigation. As that investigation continues, a dangerous political crisis has emerged in Haiti in the aftermath of Moise’s killing. Right now the crisis is precariously close to becoming a battle for power that could potentially destabilize the country for years.  The authority of the interim government is being challenged on multiple political fronts. Concurrently, a surge in gang activity threatens to bring on destabilization faster than anyone has anticipated.

The request for troops comes at a sensitive time for the Biden administration. As the removal of US troops from Afghanistan comes to an end, and the White House trying to diminish the US military presence overseas, a new mission now will leave the White House open to criticism. Given that the disorder and strife taking place in Haiti right now is being fueled by political instability and corruption, the emerging crisis there uncomfortably resembles the darker times in Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore, intervention will be viewed negatively, even if only a limited force is introduced.

On the flip side, doing nothing could end up being worse. Tomorrow’s post will be centered on the consequences that could arise from the United States turning a blind eye to the troubles that are now threatening to envelope Haiti.  

Author’s Update: With Cuba joining Haiti as another potential point of instability in the region, the next post will be a combination Cuba/Haiti update and will be published Tuesday afternoon, not today. — Mike 12 July, 2021 1606 Hours, Eastern

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