14 June, 2021 Short Update: Biden Turns His Attention To Geneva And Putin

Less than 48 hours before his much-anticipated summit meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva, US President Joe Biden called the Russian leader a ‘worthy adversary’ at a press conference today. As the NATO summit in Brussels concludes, attention is focusing on Geneva and the upcoming meeting between the US and Russian presidents. It will not be a friendly encounter or one which helps to improve relations between the two nations. The Biden administration has stated its goal with regards to Russia is to develop a stable and predictable relationship. Common ground on issues such as COVID, climate change and cybercrimes will be sought out.  A tall order given that Putin’s Russia has thrived from keeping the West off guard and wary for years now. Russia’s goals for the summit meeting are a little more difficult to decipher. Feeling out Biden and getting a good idea for the new president’s boundaries will certainly be one of them. Aside from that, speculation reigns among observers and journalists.

Author’s Note: Apologies for the short post. Today’s schedule ran far later than expected. I’ll post another entry on the coming summit tomorrow afternoon or evening. Hope everyone is well. –Mike

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