Chinese Fishing Fleet Near The Galapagos Islands Causing Concern

A fleet of 260 Chinese fishing vessels approaching the exclusive economic zone around the Galapagos Islands is attracting a considerable amount of attention from Ecuador, as well as neighboring nations.  Ecuador has increased surveillance of the Chinese fleet, and is conducting patrols to ensure that the Chinese ships do not enter the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) around the islands. This is not the first instance of Chinese fishing ships operating around, and inside of the Galapagos EEZ. In the past there were incidents, such as in 2017 when a Chinese ship was caught operating in the EEZ. Ecuadorian naval personnel boarded the boat and found 300 tons of marine wildlife taken from the Marine Reserve. The size of the Chinese fleet is the most significant concern for Ecuador because of the damage it can potentially do to the fragile marine ecosystem around the islands. Chinese ships come to the area around the Galapagos, however this fleet is the largest that has been seen in years, prompting Ecuador to sound the alarm even though the ships are in international waters for the moment.

The appearance of the Chinese fishing fleet is prompting Ecuador to examine ways to strengthen security for marine wildlife in the Galapagos. One potential measure is to extend the EEZ and combine it with the Ecuadorian mainland’s own economic zone. Quito is also working with other Pacific-facing nations in Latin America to establish a corridor of marine reserves and seal off a significant area of marine diversity.

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