A Quick Note 16 July, 2020

Just a brief note and apology to the readers. This week has kind of gotten past me and the blog entries I planned to put up yesterday and today are going to have to wait until the weekend. I began the last part of my cancer treatment this week and the schedule has been very fluid. On Saturday and Sunday I’ll be posting, most likely on the South China Sea and a broader look at the rise in US-China tensions.

For the rest of the month I think we’ll be focused on the above-mentioned topics, as well as present events in Iran, and whatever else comes along. I sincerely believe the most consequential hotspot in the world right now is the South China Sea, and the US adopting a firm position in opposition to China’s sea grab has the potential to change the geopolitical dynamic in the region, or quite possibly spark a war. That is one aspect I want to examine.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great rest-of-the-week, and we’ll pick up again on Saturday. 😊


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