Tsipras Handed Another Defeat in Greek Local Elections


Greece’s New Democracy (ND) conservative opposition party won big in local elections on Sunday, capturing 11 out of 13 regions according to the provisional results. The New Democracy party continued the trend it set in the EE elections last weekend where it won 33% of the vote, almost 10 percentage points more than the ruling Syriza party. Following the EU election, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras acknowledged the heavy defeat of his party and the writing on the wall. He called for snap national elections and the probable date will be 7 July.

The Syriza party was not expected to be as soundly beaten in either the EU contest, or the two rounds of local elections held recently. After announcing the snap elections last week, Tsipras said he believed this past weekend’s local elections in Greece would be a vote of confidence on his government’s policies and actions. The fact that yesterday brought on another wave of conservative victories indicates the Greek political landscape is in flux again. Tsipras had been expected to become the first Greek prime minister to finish out a full term in three decades. By all indicators right now, it doesn’t appear that he will.


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