North Korea Update: Second Missile Test, Freighter Seized


Note: It’s a busy time around the world right now so tonight we’ll glance at the latest involving North Korea, and tomorrow we’ll look at Iran, and possibly even the looming trade war with China.

North Korea conducted a new missile test on Thursday. Two short-range ballistic missiles were launched from the Sino-ri military base located in the northwestern area of the country. They traveled in an easterly direction, coming down in the Sea of Japan. The South Korea, US and Japanese militaries all detected and tracked the missiles, and shortly after the conclusion of the test South Korean President Moon Jae-in put in a call to US President Donald Trump. Not very long after the North Korean test, the United States went ahead with missile tests of its own which had been scheduled for some time. A Minuteman III ICBM was test-fired from Vandenberg AFB in California. Later in the day, a Trident II SLBM was fired from the ballistic missile submarine USS Rhode Island off of Cape Canaveral.

In the early afternoon the US government revealed that it had seized a North Korean freighter that was apprehended last summer shipping coal to North Korea in violation of the UN sanctions in place against the country. The freighter, named the Wise Honest, is the second largest North Korea ship for carrying bulk cargo. It’s not clear how many trips the ship made prior to being apprehended last July. This news, released on the part of the US government, was made in response to the missile tests.

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