Saturday 13 January, 2018 Update: False Ballistic Missile Warning Panics Hawaii


Panic gripped Hawaii for a period of forty-five minutes early this morning when an emergency alert warning residents of a ballistic missile attack was accidentally sent to cellphones,  transmitted on Twitter, and television stations across the Hawaiian Islands. The message stated: BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. As it turned out, there was no ballistic missile attack. The message was sent because a of human error according to state officials. There was no indication of a ballistic missile track inbound to the Hawaiian Islands at any time, US defense officials later explained. At the time this was unknown to Hawaii’s 1.4 million residents. Between the time the alert was sent, and the all-clear was issued, Hawaiians faced the prospect of a nuclear-tipped missile bearing down on their paradise. Some people panicked, and understandably so, while others reacted calmly and headed to shelters. CBS and CNN ran interviews with a twenty-something vacationer who chose to stand on the beach looking for answers on her cellphone instead of seeking shelter. I can’t fault her for not grasping the severity of the alert right away. Ignorance is bliss, after all.

Hawaii has been on edge for a while. Air raid and ballistic missile drills have been run periodically ever since President Trump and Kim Jong Un started trading nuclear threats. The residents there understand that they’re in the North Korean crosshairs. Pearl Harbor, and Hickam Air Force Base are critical bases to US defense efforts in the Pacific. If the North ever does decide to take the gloves off, an early strike against Hawaii is definitely within the realm of possibility.

Today’s false alert inadvertently keeps North Korea in the US public’s psyche when Pyongyang is attempting to play nice and score diplomatic points. The 2018 Winter Olympics begin next month and North Korea will be sending a small delegation of athletes. Talks between the two Koreas will be taking place Monday to iron out the details. The fact that North Korea is talking to its neighbor provides hope that a peaceful resolution to the US-North Korean nuclear crisis can eventually be reached. However, what happened in Hawaii today reminds us all that North Korea remains a threat to the United States and should be regarded as such.



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