Friday 28 July, 2017 Update: Venezuela Braces For Sunday’s Vote

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks during his weekly broadcast "Los Domingos con Maduro" (The Sundays with Maduro) in Caracas

Just under two days remain until Venezuela’s national vote to elect delegates for a Constituent Assembly to rewrite the country’s constitution. The world is watching events in the embattled South American nation closely, and many diplomats around the world are cognizant that Sunday’s vote could be the death knell for democracy in Venezuela. The once vibrant state is on a path that could make it the next Cuba, and there is little the outside world can do about it at this point.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered measures to ensure that the vote takes place with minimal domestic obstruction. The government announced Thursday night on state-run media a complete ban on demonstrations across the country for the next five days. The hope is that a ban will curtail opposition activity around the time of Sunday’s vote. On Sunday, Venezuelans will choose the delegates for the Constituent Assembly which will go about replacing the nation’s current constitution. Maduro’s opponents view the assembly as a move to effectively cement the president’s grip on power. There is no timeframe for remaking the constitution, it can theoretically take years. While it is underway, national elections would be cancelled, meaning next year’s presidential elections will not take place. This alone will give Maduro an extended stay in power until a new constitution guarantees him a leader-for-life status.

The US is beginning to take serious measures in regards to the situation in Venezuela. The State Department issued a travel warning on Thursday night. Dependents of US embassy staff in Caracas have been ordered out of the country, and restrictions on the movement of US diplomats around Caracas and the rest of the country were put into place. Earlier this week, President Trump announced a new round of sanctions on 13 Venezuelan officials. There is speculation that this is simply a precursor to a more comprehensive sanction program that will be put into place if Maduro goes forward with Sunday’s vote. Trump has stated that the US will not “stand by as Venezuela crumbles.”

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