Monday 3 October, 2016 Update: Checkmate In Syria


Have Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov manipulated Barack Obama and John Kerry effectively and deliberately in all mattered related to Syria? Yes. Has one year of Russian military involvement on the side of the Syrian government all but assured that Bashir al-Assad’s regime will emerge victorious from the Syrian conflict? Probably, yes. Is the United States currently in a position to influence events in Syria or help shape what the nation will look like post-war? Absolutely not.

Today, the US formally suspended diplomatic contact and talks with Russia on the Syrian conflict. This move effectively kills the chances of future joint US-Russian efforts to stop the civil war from worsening. The talks were suspended because of Russia’s involvement in the fighting around Aleppo, as well as its failure to abide by the terms of the ceasefire.

The game is over. The United States has finally woken up and accepted the reality of the situation in Syria. From the moment the first Russian troops set foot on Syrian soil it was obvious that Putin’s intention was not to help usher in a new era of stability and democracy to Syria. Russia’s actions were taken to ensure survival of Bashir al-Assad’s regime and minimize Western influence and actions in the Syrian conflict.

US-Russian relations have been deteriorating for some time now and not only because of what has been happening in Syria. We will discuss this further and look at the potential consequences later on in the week. Today’s announcement by the US and the Russian’s response will have ramifications around the world. Like it or not, the stage is being set for a very frosty winter in US-Russian relations.




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