Turkish Coup Update: Gunfire Breaks Out in Istanbul


The situation in Turkey is fluid and confused. Solid news is unavailable. Instead, bits and pieces of the puzzle are emerging as the early morning goes on.

The latest reports and news as of 1817 Eastern Time…..

-Turkish Military claims it is in control of the country and martial law is in effect

-President Erdogan claims otherwise. His current location is unknown, however he has given an interview via Facetime.

-Gunfire has been heard at Ataturk IAP and at the Bosphorous Bridge in Istanbul

-AP has reported a large explosion at the state-run Turkish news station in Ankara

-Rumors abound that the commander of the Turkish 1st Army has been taken hostage.

-Erdogan is calling for his supporters to take to the streets

-Turkish military has imposed martial law.

-US and NATO installations in Turkey have gone to Force Protection Condition Delta



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