Britain Bids Farewell To The EU

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Brexit has become a reality. Britons have spoken and there will be an exit from the EU. This result has come as a jolt for many people in Britain and beyond. Over the course of the past ten days, polls were indicating a Remain victory. Even earlier this evening, Nigel Farage was bracing for what seemed like an imminent defeat. Six hours or so later and he was on stage declaring victory.

There are dozens of questions which need to be addressed in the coming days. Literally overnight, the world has changed to an extent. Although the exit from the EU will not take place for two years, the fallout from Brexit is already beginning to fall.

Is David Cameron finished as Prime Minister?

How deep and lasting will the economic ramifications be? Will the Pound rally?

Scotland was staunchly in favor of Great Britain remaining in the EU. Since the referendum went the other way will the Brexit bring about another Scottish attempt at independence?

Three questions of many that will be discussed and addressed in the coming days. For the moment, it will be enough to wrap our heads around what has taken place in Great Britain, and take the time to carefully consider the future and how it could possibly play out.

Good Evening!



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