Brexit Update: Results Are Coming In, Pound Takes A Hit


It is 2200 here in the United States. In London it is 0300 and the  the referendum votes continue to be counted. So far, the race has been surprisingly close. At the moment, Leave is holding a slight lead over Remain, however, the lead has been changing hands consistently over the last hour. Recent polls leading up to the referendum were indicating a relatively comfortable lead for Remain. The tragic murder of Jo Cox seemed to galvanize the movement and take steam away from the Leave campaign. The results up to this point, however, seem to suggest that those polls were way off.

The British Pound has reacted to the possibility of a Brexit in dramatic fashion. As the first EU referendum results came in favoring Leave, the market was apparently spooked and the value of the pound plunged hard and fast.

This is turning out to be a very long, anxious morning in Britain as well as on the continent.

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