September Updates & News


The August schedule for Today’s Dirt did not work out the way I had hoped. On August 1st, the month looked like it was going to be relatively quiet, with more than enough time to devote to articles. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way. I apologize for not producing the in-depth pieces that I had promised. They will be completed and published between now and Thanksgiving, so please keep an eye out.

September’s schedule will be somewhat more flexible and open to revision. There will be two in-depth articles, however, most of the posts this month will have to do with crises and issues that are at the forefront. A lot is happening at the moment. Europe is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis as tens of thousands of refugees make their way to the continent from Syria, Iraq and Africa. Russian involvement in Syria appears to be expanding with more troops and military material arriving to help prop up the Assad regime. On the economic side, China’s volatility has created waves around the world. The Arctic is becoming a concern as China and Russia flex their military muscle in the region. The Ukraine appears to be quiet for the moment, however, that could change at any time and with minimal warning.

Labor Day has passed and it is time for Today’s Dirt to delve into what’s happening in the world!

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