4 comments on “Defending Poland: The Russians Drive West

  1. Poland is very different to West Germany, its much more rural. War in West Germany would have entailed a lot of FIBUA, eastern Poland favours classic blitzkrieg, manoeuvre battle. The forests offer interesting tactical possibilities.

    Finally when are people in the west going to realise that Russia is not the USSR, it is MUCH weaker. Russia does not have the means to invade Poland etc. unless it achieves strategic surprise, which is almost impossible with Nato’s current technology and systems. Any advantage gained would be short lived any way.

    The truth is that if Nato and Russia are able to prepare like for like in the build up to conflict, as seems the most likely scenario, Russia is incompletely capable of winning a conventional war with Nato. Russia relies almost entirely on its nuclear deterrent for defence. Of course Russia will inflict heavy losses on Nato, but only at a cost of greatly higher losses to itself.

    Reality check: Nato military spending is 11 times Russian military spending. US military spending is over 6 x Russian military spending.

    The number of armoured divisions Russia can deploy west, without moving its Pacific Russia based armies is matched by UK, France, Germany. Invasions usually require a significant superiority.

    Nato’s C3I and air power advantages will cripple the Russian army once air superiority has been established, unless a lot of lot of people really foul up. It will be costly, I accept that.

    Time favours Nato, we can continue to build up our forces for weeks & moths after the Russians have reached their apogee. Once US heavy division start rolling in, it’s next stop Moscow.

    If left to the generals it won’t be one sided by any means, but it will be victory. Only political factors domestically could undermine it.

    • I have to apologize for not responding to your comments sooner. I must have totally forgotten. I feel terrible.

      You’ve brought up some good points and I’ve enjoyed reading them. Hopefully we’ll never find out how a war on Polish soil will turn out. I agree, NATO would win, but the cost to Poland would be tremendous.


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