The New Cauldron In Iraq


Events in Iraq over the past few days have taken most of the world by surprise. Unfortunately, included in that category are the US and Iraqi governments. To be fair, the Iraqi government was aware of the threat posed by ISIS. So was the US intelligence community, which warned of an ISIS threat growing in Mosul and Baghdad. Yet the scale of what has transpired in Iraq this week was foreseen by very few people. It is Friday, 13 June, 2014. In under a week ISIS has gained control of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has gained more than a foothold in the country. Along with Mosul, a number of other large sized towns are under their control, including Fallujah and Tikrit. Al-Anbar Province is the base of ISIS operations in Iraq. The extremist group has an iron grip on the province.  With events unfolding at a rapid pace the question is being posed almost hourly: Will ISIS move directly on Baghdad?




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